Avira Techblog: Aren’t German Shepherd Puppies The Cutest In The World?

It is easy to say that German Shepherd Dogs are cute, but what about their Puppies? I’ve loved these dogs for a very long time and nothing comes close to how adorable and obedient they are. Watch as this dog goes and tries to conquer its parent and then the world.

Did this puppy have a fare shot?
Doesn’t this dog remind you of a 3 week old baby exploring the world with their eyes?

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via Best German Shepherd Videos http://bestgermanshepherdvideos.com/arent-german-shepherd-puppies-the-cutest-in-the-world/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=arent-german-shepherd-puppies-the-cutest-in-the-world


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