What Dog is More Ferocious In The Force – K-9 German Shepherd Or Pitbull

In this compilation you be a witness to these ferocious but powerful breeds “The K-9 German Shepherd” and “Pit bull”. We know that the pit bull has a stronger bite then a German Shepherd but can they out due our beloved k-9′s with just shear force? Watch and Enjoy our fun compilation of our top notch dogs.

Well first who was much prettier the pit bull or German Shepherd?
Wasn’t our beloved German Shepherds bite impressive on the young criminals leg?

“LIKE” and “SHARE” our top dogs with your families but most importantly you local law enforcement. Let  us know what your local authorities said about our fun compilation.

via Best German Shepherd Videos http://bestgermanshepherdvideos.com/what-dog-is-more-ferocious-in-the-force-k-9-german-shepherd-or-pitbull/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=what-dog-is-more-ferocious-in-the-force-k-9-german-shepherd-or-pitbull


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