Memory Of The Precious Baby Girl “Puppy” The German Shepherd Dog

In Memory of “Puppy” From all this dogs travels and finally finding someone to care for her up until the end means you were one very special dog. Many dogs don’t get the opportunity to live the rest of their days with a fun and loving family like other dogs. Dear Puppy traveled from home to home and at least she is one of the dogs that can say she made it.

Do you know of any dogs in your area that need a loving and caring family?
How would you feel if it were you in their paws? Could you say that things could honestly be worse off?

“LIKE” and “SHARE” Puppy with your families and friends, but please let us know whether this dog open your heart in a way that you will make every moment with your dog count up until the end.

via Best German Shepherd Videos


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