1 Dog Versus 2 Cats – Does This Dog Really Want A Bath?

Dog Versus Cats

Who wants to play Where’s the Dog Versus 2 Cats in this funny video? This lady is

looking around for her dog but finds out that it is in the bath tub, but is it because it

wants a bath or is there more to the story? Watch and find out why this dog is really in the bath tub.

How did these two cats get this one big dog in the bath tub?
When did cats start to scare off dogs?

“LIKE” and “SHARE” with your friends this question, since when did dogs start to be chased or bossed around by cats?

via Best German Shepherd Videos http://bestgermanshepherdvideos.com/1-dog-versus-2-cats-does-this-dog-really-want-a-bath/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=1-dog-versus-2-cats-does-this-dog-really-want-a-bath


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