German Shepherd Protection Dog And Other 9/11 War Dog Amazing Stories

9/11 War Dog Amazing Stories:

To be a true American hero has multiple definitions but this German Shepherd Protection Dog lives up to the title.

Tariq Aziz also known as Fluffy was discovered out on the field on Mr.Russel’s shift.

After sometime goes by this dogs becomes an asset to the team and always being on guard to protect his comrades from danger.

Later on Fluffy is about to be discarded but his dear friend Russel comes along and with the support of many people helps gives

this dog an honorable retirement. Watch this and other 9/11 War Dog Amazing Stories

Were you pleased to see that this dog became apart of this man family?

Did you think that it was even possible that after the military uses these dogs they can be ordered to just cast these dogs to the side?

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