Learning and Teaching with Content Curation: an Academic Introduction

A digital essay completed by Heather Bailie as part of the assessment requirements of #INF530 Concepts & Practices for a Digital Age.

Robin Good’s insight:

Heather Bailie, has done a good research and presentation job in pulling together, while using Storify as a content curation tool, key lines of thought, ideas and concepts relating to the basic use of content curation for learning and education.

Nonetheless the paper has a few shortcomings (namely incorrect attributions – Seek, Sense, Share is Harold Jarche’s work not Beth Kanter’s – and poorly vetted and organized curation tools list), there is also a lot of good information in it, as it is evident that the author has taken the time to read and go through lots of valuable material on the topic.

A good reference for educators new to content curation in academia and to students needing to familiarize themselves with this new topic. 

Comprehensive. 7/10

Full article: http://ift.tt/1u3VlLF 

Reading time: 13′

See also:

from MasterNewMedia Breaking New Media News http://ift.tt/1rDteF3


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