Music Discovery: Cool and Groovy Curated Playlists from the New 22Tracks

Robin Good’s insight:

Designed for tastemakers and passionate music lovers in search of new sounds 22Tracks is a music discovery and curation site specializing in new tracks across 22 genres from key European hubs such as London, Amsterdam and Paris (U.S cities to appear soon).

In 22Tracks you discover music by selecting a city hub, and then by choosing one of your favourite music genres. Each genre is curated by a different DJ, tastemaker or brand who publishes an updated playlist with new songs every week.

You as a user can also like, share, buy/download, and collect your favourite tracks with just a click.

The site has just relaunched with a new look and feel, a new player and a better iPhone app.

If you are into new music, and like to hear new tracks and sounds in a cool, elegant and informative (but never intrusive) interface  22tracks is a wonderful resource which I am sure, will not disappoint you. 

Try it out now: 

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