A Visual Project Trying To Define What Curation Is: Postcards from Cambridge University Museums

Robin Good’s insight:

Here is a nice, albeit still small, collection of visitor originated postcards defining what curation is, collected as part of the part of Curating Cambridge: our city, our stories, our stuff.

The information on the project page states: “ Is a curator a source of specialist expertise, a custodian, a content manager, a cultural programmer, a digital archivist, an editor?  All these, or none of them? 

What does the curator of a fossil collection have in common with a contemporary art curator, or the curator of a music festival?   Where does community curation, co-curation, digital curation and crowd curation fit?

The collection showcases phrases and words from visitors, professionals and academics trying to describe in their words what curation is to them.

The projects aims to elicit “contributions from across the University of Cambridge Museums, from researchers across the arts and sciences, and from cultural partners and other writers and thinkers from within and outside the museums and cultural sector“, to build a body of work which will capture and explore the spectrum of thinking on this subject.

Inspiring. In need of more contributions. 6/10

For more info see: http://ift.tt/1h4gwUm

from MasterNewMedia Breaking New Media News http://ift.tt/1pnGVUl


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