How To Tweet More Than 140 Characters with Dave Winer’s Little Pork Chop

Robin Good’s insight:

Little Pork Chop is a supersimple web app which allows you to post to Twitter longer messages than the typical 140 characters, by intelligently splitting your communication into multiple, numbered tweets.

To use it, you simply go the Little Porkchop page, type in or paste your message without worrying about length, and, instantly, the app previews for you how it would split into multiple tweets. You make your adjustments and you are set to tweet. 

A couple of nice additional touches include:

1) all of the following tweets after the first one in a sequence, are sent as replies to the first, so that the whole set can be read as a single thread,

2) the option to send tweets in reverse chronological order so that they will show up in the Twitter stream in the order you wrote them. 

Very useful. Easy. Immediate. 9/10

Little Pork Chop is the work of love of Dave Winer.

Free to use.

Try it out now: 

More info: 

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