Archive, Share and Instantly Publish Any File or Content Online via Email: nFiles

Robin Good’s insight:

nFiles is a new free web service which allows you to easily upload, store and optionally share/publish online any content or file instantly without needing to register, setup or login into any service. 

To use it you simply send an email to and you get an instant email reply with personal URLs for accessing your newly created cloud storage and sharing/publishing space. 

The space is organized in three sections: a general folder containing all the files you have uploaded, an email page where all of the emails and their contents are stored, and an image page where all of the images you have sent in are archived. 

nFiles acts also as a full screen image viewer as well as universal reader for documents of any type.

nFiles can turn also into an instant bare-bones web publishing system as this page can attest: – its contents are nothing more than the contents of an email sent to nFiles and publicly shared.

Storage space is unlimited. But max upload file size is 15MB.

Excellent tool for posting online images or documents rapidly and with the minimum friction. Ideal for journalists and citizen reporters in crisis situations as well as for many other reporting, sharing and educational uses. 

Free to use. No ads.

Try it out now: 

Visual guide: 

Key features: 

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