Collect and Organize Learning Resources Into Embeddable Collections with Blendspace

Robin Good’s insight:

Blendspace is a web-based content curation tool, designed specifically for educators and teachers. Blendspace sits somewhere between Pinterest and Storify as its power and simplicity make it easy to search multiple sources, import content and visually display it and organize it into boards.

Its unique strength resides in:

  1. Multiple layout pre-sets
  2. Presentation-mode
  3. Collections are embeddable
  4. Easy drag/drop reorganization of boards
  5. Team collaborators (upcoming feature)
  6. Works across all computers and devices

Very easy and intuitive to use, makes the research and collection task intuitive, and organization, presentation and publishing very effective.

I really like how Blendspace works and the results it produces. If you are looking for visual tool to create collections of resources on a specific topic for your class or training program, I’d give Blendspace a try.

Try it out now: 

Added to Curation Tools for Education inside Content Curation Tools Supermap 

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