Curation for Content Marketing: Sharing Is Not Enough You Need a Content Hub

Robin Good’s insight:

Guillaume De Cugis, co-founder of, hits the nail right on the head for content marketers with a good article on the site, where he highlights the declining benefits of social media marketing efforts on Facebook and correctly identifies:

a) quality and
b) engagement

as key content variables that do make a difference in remaining visible online.

He writes: “if you’re just tweeting links, you’re missing out.

Why? Because:

  • Your content is short-lived (the lifetime of a tweet is in minutes; a few hours at best).
  • You have no or limited opportunity to provide context.
  • You drive your audience away from you; not to your own site.
  • No opportunity to convert.
  • No opportunity to show related content.
  • No traffic from search.
Instead, if you curate your own content hub on a specific topic:
  • Your curated content is now archived somewhere and can be discovered and re-shared in the future 
  • Your curated content receives targeted traffic from search 
  • You can add conversion & engagement CTA’s (subscribe, contact me, request a demo, book services, etc…).

Good basic analysis and advice for content marketers.
De Cugis is right. 7/10

Read more at 

See the slide deck: 

from MasterNewMedia Breaking New Media News


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