Curate Your Favorite Content with the ExpressCurate WordPress Toolkit

Robin Good’s insight:

ExpressCurate is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to capture any content you find online, and to edit and curate it directly inside WordPress.

Key features include:

  • Grab and load any URL content
  • Provides editable title, image and content areas
  • Pre-loads multiple key content chunks from original content and meta-data and makes them ready for insertion
  • Offers SEO dedicated fields 
  • Auto-suggests relevant tags
  • Can add annotation and text boxes into curated posts
  • Auto-link to original and personalized attribution text

ExpressCurate also provides:

  • a Chrome extension to easily capture and curate content as you browse, which provides an editing interface similar to what provides with his bookmarklet. The extension also adds a cool “curate” link to your Twitter interface which allows you to curate also any content on the 140 character platform. See this screenshot: 

  • a free WordPress theme for curated news and magazines sites.

A good and easy-to-use content curation tool for anyone using WordPress. Excellent free solution for authors and journalists who only need an easy and effective solution to start curating without needing to learn or adopt a new platform.

Free to use.

Try it out now: 


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