How To Create Great Value By Gathering and Organizing The Best Available Info on a Theme: UsefulScience

Robin Good’s insight:

UsefulScience is a curated collection of useful science info summaries delivered in 5-second bytes.

UScience contains one paragraph long citations or excerpts from research papers, magazine articles or other relevant scientific sources to which it links directly to. 

Useful information  bytes are organized into 12 different categories ranging from creativity to sleep, with fitness, health, education, persuasion and productivity in between.

A great example of content curation at work, it shows in an immediately tangible way, how the time consuming work of gathering, vetting and presenting information in a simple and digestible format can give life to highly valuable information / educational resources.

Well organized, legible, easy to navigate and full of useful gems this is certainly a great inspirational model for how to best use a content curation approach to create high value from existing content and resources.

Free to use.

Try it out now: 

More info: 

Added to Great Examples of Content Curation at Work Pinterest collection.

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