Curate Embeddable Thematic Photo Galleries from Social Hashtags with Picsho

Robin Good’s insight:

Picsho is a free web app which allows you to create embeddable photo galleries from your favorite hashtag pics gathered from Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.

Picso which I have reviewed before in 2012, has completely revamped its interface and released a new much simpler and more intuitive new version. 

To use it, you simply enter a hashtag or keyword, you select up to five visual sources (Flickr, Instagram, etc.) and then you wait for your gallery to load up. Once displayed you can manually curate which pictures to keep and which ones to exclude.

Once done, you assign a name and you can save and publish the gallery. If you are logged in, you can also re-edit and update your gallery anytime.

The only limitation, is that you cannot re-arrange or reposition images in a gallery.

For the rest, Picsho is one of the best and easiest tools I have found to rapidly curate a social images based collection and to be able to publish it on any site.

Free to use.  

Try it out now: 


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