Curate, Organize and Archive Your Favorite Bookmarks On The Fly with Unmark

Robin Good’s insight:

Unmark is a web app which allows you to easily bookmark any web page you deem relevant, and to assign to it a to-do labels, a description and the option to permanently archive it.

Unmark keeps track and displays all of your bookmarks in an elegant vertical timeline and can manage hashtags utilized in the note/description field allowing easy categorization.

Existing bookmarks can be easily imported from your favorite web browser, Pinboard, or Delicious. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. 

An available bookmarklet makes bookmarking any web page only a click away and with the Unmark Chrome Extension installed you can search your links directly from Chrome’s Omnibox (the place you type in your searches or the URL you want to go to). Also, you can add all of your open tabs to Unmark with a single click. And, if you want to skip the labelling process altogether, you can right-click on a page and add it to Unmark without seeing a window (speedy speedy).

The basic version is free, open-source and immediately accessible by anyone after registration.

A “Pro” version, costing $12/year adds the capability to search through all of your bookmarks.

An elegant and easy to use tool to more effectively manage anyone with an intense bookmarking activity.

N.B.: Unmark has been created by Plain, the same guys who made the outstanding in-line editor for WordPress: Barley.

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