Content Curation at Work: Startupery – A Library of Startup Best-Practices Curated by True Subject Matter Experts

Robin Good’s insight:

Startupery is a new online resource which organizes and curates best-practices, strategy advice, tips and methods for business startups.

The present library currently comprises over 500 hundred resources organized under 372 topics by 12 selected “experts”, which include, among others, Fred Wilson (Vevnture Capitalist), Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Chris Dixon (Investor) and Brad Feld (Early Stage Investor / Entrepreneur). 

For each expert you will find a page outlining his profile and presenting, in a categorized fashion, a selected number of sources suggested by him.

For years, and now more than ever, startup founders, investors and operators have been sharing advice on how to succeed in business. From personal blogs to up-and-coming publications, this advice has been scattered and often hard to find when you need it mostStartup{ery is a library for this advice, giving each resource and the important topics that they cover a home on the internet.

An excellent and well-organized resource hub for startups, Simple, easy to navigate and staffed by a highly reputable set of subject-matter-experts / curators.

A great example of the value that content curation can bring to just about any field, where there is lot of precious information scattered around and which can greatly benefit from competent and trusted “organizers”. 

Free to use.


Added to Content Curation Examples board.

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