A Curated Selection of Quality Downloadable CC-Licensed HD Video Footage: Mazwai

Robin Good’s insight:

Mazwai is an online video hub collecting high-quality HD video footage under a CC-license (or Public Domain) that can be immediately downloaded and re-used on any project you have, by simply crediting and linking the original author.

All the video footage at Mazwai is available in HD under the public domain or the CC Attribution license (CC 3.0).

To use it, simply browse and click on any video you are interested in using. Watch it through the integrated video player and check the associated info. To download it simply click the down pointing arrow available on the video player and you will receive a .zip file containing both a .mp4 and a .webm version of your chosen video.

Excellent video footage. Must see.

No registration, no login required.

No download limits.

Free to use.

Try it out now: http://ift.tt/1k4w3fH 

from MasterNewMedia Breaking New Media News http://ift.tt/1k4w17t


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