Track Content Changes on Any Web Site in Real-Time with MonitorBook

Robin Good’s insight:

MonitorBook is a new free web app which allows you to track changes to any piece of content on any web page available online. 

MonitorBook is very easy to use. You just install the bookmarklet available in the Instruction section of the site and then as soon as you are on a page where you want to track changes to something, you click the bookmarklet and then select the piece of content on the page that you want to track. That’s it.

If you go back to your web account on MonitorBook you will find inside the section called Trackings the page element you have selected to track and any possible changes that have happened to it.

I look forward to see RSS output and more advanced options to decide every how long to check and what to report.

Handy for anyone needing to keep a page under tabs though without an alerting system the key benefit may be lost.

Free to use.

Pro version available.
Pricing info:  

Try it out now: 

Check this short clip to see how MonitorBook works: 

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