The Curator as a Film Editor [Video]

Robin Good’s insight:

An inspiring visual homage to the film and video editor, a true curator in his own right. 

We are storyteller, and first audience

our job is highly complex

and rarely understood

we sculpt




we decide when to re-order

when to add time

and when to take it away

when to tighten

and when to let breathe

we impose form



We enhance the performance of others

(…and correct their mistakes)

What we choose to take away

is as critical

as what we choose to keep

Through hundreds of creative, selective and structural decisions

and hours of raw material

We create




But the less you notice our work

The more successful we have been

Inspiring. Truthful. 9/10

Original video: 

Direction, Design, Animation – Dave Penn
Sound Design – James Locke-Hart
Script – Paddy Bird

from MasterNewMedia Breaking New Media News


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