Curate YouTube Playlists Into Free Online Video Courses with Konoz

Robin Good’s insight:

Konoz is a web service which allows you to package and publish your own YouTube video playlists into free online learning courses.

It works like this: Once you are logged in into Konoz, you can input the URL of a YouTube playlist. Once you have done so, Konoz grabs the set of video URLs of the playlist and creates a custom page for your upcoming course, in which each video of the playlist is a lesson to be seen.

Konoz displays for each video its title and duration and connects them in a learning list where a visual indicator also displays what percentage of the whole course has been watched.

Finally Konoz provides curators of these free video courses with the opportunity to offer custom perks to their students, by offering extra features and bonuses in exchange for a money contribution. Curators can establish the bonuses and the value for each. 

Thus Konoz offers a very simple way for those who are either YouTube creators to collect relevant videos or screencasts into playlists and then to package them into free online video courses, while providing also a stimulating option to reward their work.

Simple but interesting solution. Very easy to use. 7/10

Free to use.

In private Beta. 

Request your invitation here: 

Video tutorials: 


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