Content Curation from A to Z: An Online Course with Robin Good

Content Curation from A to Z, a short online learning program, 
with Robin Good 

March 13th, April 24th and May 15th, from 12 to 14 (EST) 

Three online classes to learn everything you need to know to become a great content curator. 
Robin Good’s insight:


Interested in being showcased the best and most inspiring examples of content curation online while having me guide you, step-by-step, in seeing when, why and how it is done?

Are you looking to get more relevance and visibility for a specific topic? 

Are you trying to gain more clout over your key competitors?  

Do you want to create true high value content for your customer and fan base that is one order of magnitude better from that of your competition?

Learn everything you need to know to start practicing the art of finding, organising and presenting the best news, information or resources on a specific topic for a specific audience with this three-class program with me, Robin Good.


Level 1 – Fundamentals – Art, Science and Workflow

Level 2 – Practicum – Discovery, RSS and Archiving

Level 3 – for Business – Marketing, Distribution, Monetization 

What will you learn in this course:     

1) Why content curation is the future

2) How content curation is going to affect marketing, publishing, learning and search

3) What characteristics are required to do good content curation

4) Which are great examples of content curation already
out there

5) How many types of content curation are there

6) Which are the different kinds of tools available

7) What tools to use

8) What are the steps to curate a newsradar, a collection or a directory of resources

9) Where to find valuable content and resources to curate

10) How to evaluate and vet content to be curated

11) What are the legal issues involved

12) How to format and contextualise curated content

13) How to add value

14) How and when to provide full credit and attribution

15) How to preserve and archive curated content

16) How to monetize curated content  

Dates of courses: 

Content Curation – Fundamentals

Level 1 – Art, Science and Workflow Friday,

March 13th, from 12 to 14 (EST) 

Content Curation – Practicum

Level 2 – Discovery, RSS and Archiving Friday,

April 24th, from 12 to 14 (EST)

Content Curation for Business

Level 3 – Marketing, Distibution, Monetization Friday,

May 15th, from 12 to 14 (EST)  

From 12:00 to 14:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time) 

Cost whole course: $249/person Discounted early-bird tickets are available for those who buy in advance. 

Individual classes: $99

Includes also:

Audio-video recording

PDF of presentation materials  

One 30-min consulting session with Robin Good  
(very limited seats – 7 still available)
(first-come first-serve basis)  

Tickets and more info: 


For more information or details contact:

from MasterNewMedia Breaking New Media News


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