Curation Websites May Offer the Best Solution to Schools Struggling to Find the Best Tech Products

Robin Good’s insight:

This article points out in multiple ways and with some interesting supporting data how big is the problem for schools and educational institutions in trying to identify relevant tools to adopt in absence of expert trusted guides that they can rely on.

The Hechingerreport writes: “school leaders on this new frontier face a daunting challenge: from the slew of highly touted new products, how do they pick the right ones?

It’s hard for our people to know what all of the choices are,” said Penny Hodge, the assistant superintendent of budget and finance in Roanoke. “Maybe there were even better choices and we weren’t aware.

Today’s school leaders must navigate a market with little trustworthy evidence to show what works. Billions of dollars are being spent while educators try to untangle a maze of sales pitches.

The problem of identifying the most appropriate tools, services or products is not a problem limited only to the education sector. Just about anyone who is not an tech-expert in his area would have a hard time today finding the most appropriate tools in the midst of so many offerings and so little trustworthy information about them.

Part of the reason is that credible evidence often isn’t available. Only one-third of school technology directors surveyed said that education technology companies offer reliable data on their products, according to the survey.

The solution to this issue is already starting to emerge in the form of both non-profit and commercial companies who will devote their time and resources to scout, test, verify and review tools while providing the means to search, filter and compare them easily., Edshelf are just two among many emerging examples of “reputable curation websites, with professional reviews and a social media component” that provide a one-stop solution for those in need of an expert and trusted guide in the tools for education area.

Must read for anyone interested in better understanding where we are headed when it comes to choosing tools.. 9/10

Full article: 

Check also this excellent head-to-head coparison between Graphite and EdShelf: 

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