Curate Your Favorite Content Into Visual Topic Channels with

Robin Good’s insight: is a new news curation app, similar in many ways to a much simplified version of With a dedicated bookmarklet you can basically curate and personalise any content you find online and post it to a dedicated virtual board on

There’s none of the advanced backend content discovery engine features, nor the powerful embedding, domain name mapping, social sharing and publishing options that offers, but is also much simpler and for anyone who would find too complex or feature-rich for his initial needs, it could be a potential starting point.

Posts appear in a layout much similar to two-column magazine vertical layout. Content can be easily shared on all major social channels, and when a reader clicks on a curated post, the full original content page loads up under a frame that maintains context and reference to the original curated post.

It is possible to follow other boards and to repost content posted by others. During Beta each user can create up to 8 curated boards on different topics.

Good for anyone wanting to get his feet wet with news curation without needing to get a more complex tool and without needing to spend anything. 

English and Spanish languages supported.

Free to use.

Try it out now: 


from MasterNewMedia Breaking New Media News


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