A Musical Ode To Digital Curation – Part 1

A truly inspiring class project by @JoyceValenza. 
Robin Good’s insight:

Wonderful school project uses musical performance to promote the value of curation for learning.

From an original idea by @JoyceValenza.



Curation, Curation Curation!
Curation, Curation. Curation!


Who day and night must aggregate the content, pull together knowledge, harness all the feeds


And who must make sense of media, tags, and text, keeping learners up to date, at school


Librarian, Librarian


Librarian, Librarian,


Who do we rely on for creative stuff
What’s best so we avoid the fluff?


Who must point the way to stuff that’s good enough
So we don’t miss the stuff that’s really buff!


The Network, the Network. Curation!
The Network, the Network, Curation!


At ten my three-ring notebook really held all my school stuff.
I know by now that binder can’t contain my research


The student, the student. Curation!
The student, the student. Curation!


And who does TL teach to curate with new tools,
So we can gather knowledge both in and out of school?


The learner, the learner! Curation!
The learner, the learner! Curation!





Ben Vizzachero
Emma Coltoff
Jelli Vezzosi
Jordi Shuster
Daniel MacFarland


Thanks to Monica Femovich


Song parody by
Joyce Kasman Valenza.


Based on “Tradition” and “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof.
Music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick.

Republished and subtitled with permission.
Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial

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