Will mom who drove her kids into the ocean go free?

Ebony Wilkerson is charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder and three counts of third-degree felony child abuse after she drove her minivan with her three kids inside into the

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‘The Wonder Years’ cast reunites, takes selfies, is the best

Maybe Fred Savage finally had enough of little brother Ben’s nostalgia-hogging with his rebooted “Boy Meets World” returning to TV.Maybe defeated “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Danica McKellar

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Trending: Flood, Dr. Dre & ‘Reading Rainbow’

Christi Paul has the details on the stories you’ve been sharing. From the awful flooding in Louisiana to the amazing effort on Kickstarter to bring back “Reading Rainbow”.

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Toddler plunges to death at day care center

A Boston toddler is dead after falling at least four stories from the rooftop of his day care building.Officers responded to a radio call just before 10:00 a.m. Wednesday after the boy was

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Officer Salute: Razz and Ringo

Congratulations to Razz and Ringo, two of the newest additions to the Prince George’s County Police Department.The dogs successfully completed a rigorous 8-week training program that focused on bomb

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Who’s who in the Seth Mazzaglia murder trial

Seth Mazzaglia is standing trial for the murder of 19 year old Lizzi Marriott. The University of New Hampshire sophomore went missing back in October 2012. Her body has never been

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