Ten websites you’ll want to bookmark
By – Add these ten extremely useful websites to your browser bookmarks, and you’ll have the tools to quickly find out just about anything about any website, your internet connection, your phone and your computer
  1. – find out who owns a web site, where it is hosted, where the domain name was registered, when the domain name will expire, the site name servers and more.
  2. – Quick way to find out what theme and plugins are being used on a WordPress site
  3. – checks to see if the site you are trying to reach is down for everyone, or just you. Useful when you are having problems reaching a site on the web, especially your own. Check before contacting support
  4. – Check your internet speeds with this free speed test. Tests upload and download speeds. Good to know if your internet provider promises a specific speed range and you don’t think they are delivering
  5. – checks your web pages for load speeds, missing files, and other potential problems
  6. – Shows web site visitation stats, ranking, page views, unique visitors, income projections and estimated value. Good tool for checking out web sites you are interested in buying or investing in
  7. – shows a map of where you’ve been with your phone (if your phone is GPS enabled)
  8. – shows the IP address of the computer you are currently using to connect to the internet
  9. – see most watched and most bid on items currently on eBay for any category or country
  10. – latest deal news, coupons and product discounts from tech bargains, Woot, Deal News, Slick Deals and others all on one page



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