Caught On Tape – Ultimate K-9 Catches His Guy!

Caught On Tape footage of a man trying to run from a k-9 into their vehicle. Did the suspect make it? I’d like to say “I think not”.

Once these professionally trained dogs have their eyes on a target the only thing that is determined is where and when.

Can anyone honestly say that they have ever gotten away from a k-9 dog?

K-9 Dog

K-9 Dog

How fast did it take for this dog catch its man?
How often do dogs like get trained?
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Talented German Shepherd Dog – Called To Action

Time to turn on the xbox and play the new game German Shepherd – Call To Action. Everything that a dog grows up to learn all comes out right here to a comrade in need of assistance. Never did I think I was going to see a ton of them come from the sky at once. Enjoy these Talented dogs do what they do best which is protect and serve.

Why did Mr. Nibbles have to be the sacrifice?
Who’d ever thought that these dogs were this useful?

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German Shepherd News Flash – This Dog Survives 8 Days In The Wilderness With NOTHING!!!!

This German Shepherd was abandoned in the Wilderness by her owner. When they discover this dog they realize that it was close to death, and needed to be rescued. After watching this video how can an owner leave their dog out in the mountains like that.

Do you believe the owner should get his Dog back?
How did you feel watching this video?
Does seeing a dog helpless get your blood boiling?

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German Shepherd News Flash – This Dog Survives 8 Days In The Wilderness With NOTHING!!!!.