Avira Techblog: Draco the Human Size German Shepherd Dog

Ever meet a German Shepherd that is Human size? Well not only does this dog have the height but it does tricks to show everyone height doesn’t matter. Watch and Enjoy.

Isn’t this dogs height ridiculous?
Wish you had a dog this big and talented?

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Avira Techblog: Aren’t German Shepherd Puppies The Cutest In The World?

It is easy to say that German Shepherd Dogs are cute, but what about their Puppies? I’ve loved these dogs for a very long time and nothing comes close to how adorable and obedient they are. Watch as this dog goes and tries to conquer its parent and then the world.

Did this puppy have a fare shot?
Doesn’t this dog remind you of a 3 week old baby exploring the world with their eyes?

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Avira Techblog: The Ultimate German Shepherd Dog Tricks Returns

The first time around this German Shepherd did a couple of Tricks, but now it returns making the ultimate combat to prove it is the best of the best. This dog can play dead, limp, and even walk backwards. Watch and please let us know what you think.

Wasn’t this dogs return amazing?
If this were your Dog what would you like for it to do? Maybe your laundry?

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Avira Techblog: Saku The Movie Coming To A Theater Near You

If you enjoyed lassie as a child well make way for this new MovieSaku“. Saku is a very courageous and fearless dog. Watch and be amazed at how this new dog will blow any other out the waters, and go straight for the top.

Wasn’t this dog outstanding?
Does it have what it takes to make it to the top?
Who wouldn’t want a dog like this?

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Avira Techblog: Gentle And Funny GSD Puppy Greatest Hit – Ringtone

This beloved and Gentle Puppy dog has a new hit coming soon “Ringtone“. Rock your head side to side and pass on this new jam to your friends. Talented singers aren’t just humans anymore there now in the form of dogs. Watch and Enjoy.

Doesn’t this dog have a chance to make it?
What should its next great hit be?

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Avira Techblog: Nicole Richie on The Ellen Show With New Black German Shepherd Puppy

Your going to hear this a lot but Nicole Richie really doesn’t want to pick up after the new Black German Shepherd Puppy, but I guess its okay to say she will love cuddle and love the new family dog. While she is showing the puppy some love her husband Joel Madden is picking up after the dog. Watch and see how excited Nicole Richie is about the new family pet on The Ellen Show

Don’t you think this new puppy is tremendously cute?
Shouldn’t or wouldn’t you want a pet so adorable like this to be part of your family?
Don’t you think its awesome that Ellen said they are very protective?

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